Web sites do not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Contact us for an individual quote and you will be surprised. Everyone can afford to have a professional website.

Logo Enhancment

Does your company logo look out of date? But you don't want to trash it because, after all, your existing customers have learned to recognize your company through it. Ask our team of designers to give your identity a fresh look and feel.

Welcome to Magnum Plus

Magnum Plus is your partner for the web. We supply services that help you setting up and maintaining your web presence.

We can help you

3D Design

Make your images stand out from the rest. With real 3-dimansional design your product presentation will appear crisp and modern. Or why not go for a 3D version of your company logo. Whatever your ideas, our expert modeling and rendering team can put them into reality.

We will place your business online. Whether a small brochure website with only a few pages or a large online shop. We have the expertise to put your ideas into reality.